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Review wastewater treatment in Thailand
Cost saving achieved! It is!

I thought of Thailand's environment
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Space saving and energy saving
We provide ecological wastewater treatment system.

In June 2010, U. I. MASTERS (THAILAND) CO., LTD founded as a subsidiary of UMEMURA.


We provide water treatment and industrial wastewater treatment system mainly in industrial park of Chonburi · Rayong province in Thailand.


1. Understand the situation at the factory. (Hearing) a) Wastewater volume per day (if there is a change with time, the amount of wastewater per hour)


Support customers in wastewater treatment in Thailand! It is!

Would you introduce a drainage system that is the result of many years of technical improvement?


From ultra pure water to filter filtered water, deliver the water quality suitable for the application.


Detailed maintenance at the Japanese level and after-follow.


We also make various proposals regarding existing wastewater treatment equipment.



U.I.SYSTEM is a coagulation sedimentation system that utilizes our proprietary technology. With the special processing “U. I. SAND”, the sedimentation speed of impurities increased and succeeded in making the sedimentation tank compact. For wastewater treatment in Thailand, please leave it to U.I.MASTERS


Before installing the facility, we obtain samples from customers, conduct simulation experiments in our laboratory, and obtain data before and after processing from the third inspection specialized agency. After showing the results, we will submit the quotation and make it the final contract.

It is usually 6 months up to 2 years. Life varies depending on the type of drainage. We are instructed from the Mitsubishi Rayon equipment flow to prolong the life, we devise to extend the life to the maximum.

Usually it will be two months after receiving the order form from the customer.

Yes. We import all quantity from Japan via trading company. Delivery is two weeks. Stable supply is possible.