drainage equipment

Our first priority is to provide equipment that can clear the wastewater standards of industrial parks and general land with reasonable prices and optimal systems.

  • Free estimate and design
  • Free pre-drainage simulation test (using our laboratory)
  • Free maintenance for 6 months (emergency response within 24 hours)
  • Available for leasing (with credit from the leasing company)
  • Support for IEAT submissions

oil adsorption system

drainage equipment
Oil adsorption filtration system (using Diafellow DM-KT)

The system is a filtration system that uses Diafellow DM-KT, an oil adsorption filter made by Mitsubishi Chemical.
Adsorption filtration is performed by filtering the oil in the wastewater, especially the oil-containing wastewater from household wastewater and vehicle washing wastewater.
The target oil content is 30 mg/ℓ or less, and sand filtration and activated carbon filtration can be used together.

Product details

・Mitsubishi Rayon filter media is used. 500 locations in Japan

・Household wastewater, automobile maintenance factories, food industry (vegetable oil)

・Processing capacity (0.5m 3 / hr to 10m 3 / hr)

・Application: Reduction of oil and grease in wastewater

・Advantages: Space saving, labor saving

Batch type coagulation sedimentation system

drainage equipment
Batch type coagulation sedimentation system

・Batch type automatic coagulation sedimentation equipment

・Automobile, parts industry, plating surface processing industry, painting industry

・Processing capacity (4m 3 /day ~ 500m 3 /day)

・Usage: Reduction of COD, TSS, OIL&Grease, and heavy metals in wastewater

Biosystem (activated sludge)

drainage equipment
Bio wastewater treatment system

Biosystems are effective when treating wastewater with high BOD and COD values, such as food-related wastewater. However, the footprint is the biggest concern, as they typically require large tanks. We designed the size of the tank according to the customer’s application, and succeeded in reducing the size of the biotank by 30% by using a special biomedia.

Product details

・Use an aeration tank mainly for microbial treatment.

・Food processing industry, confectionery manufacturing industry, beverage manufacturing industry

・Processing capacity (30 m3 / day to 1,000 m3 / day)

・Application: Reduction of BOD and COD in wastewater

・Benefits: reduction in electricity consumption, simplification of sludge dehydration, CPU management