Corporate philosophy

1. Contribute to Thai society through water.

* Contribute to environmental preservation in Thailand through drainage facilities. 
* Contribute to improving production quality in Thailand through water purification equipment.

2. We value human relationships and become a company trusted by our customers.

3. All employees work together to improve customer satisfaction.


address 99/84 Moo.10 NongKham, Sriracha,Chonburi, 20230 Thailand GoogleMap
contact address Representative: 038-348-191
Sales: 081-256-7070 Kondo (Japanese, English)
Chakkapan: 085-503-8061 (Thai)
E-mail: (Japanese, English)
chakkapan (Thai, English)
FAX: 038-348-197
*Thai country code 66 is required when calling or faxing from overseas.
Established June 1, 2010
capital 4 million baht
representative Atsuhiko Kondo

Business content

  • Design, construction and maintenance of wastewater treatment facilities
  • Design, construction and maintenance of water softener and RO (pure water) equipment
  • Construction to improve the capacity of existing drainage facilities
  • Capacity improvement work for existing RO and water softeners
  • Design, construction and maintenance of septic tanks
  • Factory piping work
  • water quality test
  • Sales of chemicals for drainage equipment, RO, water softening equipment

company history

June 2010 Founded as UIMasters (Thailand) Co., Ltd. , a wastewater treatment company, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Umemura Corp.
April 2011 Delivered the first batch type coagulating sedimentation equipment to Amata City Chonburi Industrial Estate for the first time.
January 2012 After receiving an order from Maezawa Kogyo for an experimental plant in the Amata City Chonburi Industrial Park, we delivered it. Since then, we have been carrying out plant maintenance and management work up to the present.
February 2012 Delivered the first biosystem (activated sludge treatment) and RO pure water equipment to a food-related factory in the Amata City Rayong Industrial Park.
April 2012 Delivered a biosystem (activated sludge) to an American food company (Kellogg) for the first time in the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate in Rayong Province.
May 2013 Delivered the first oil adsorbent filtration system to the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate in Rayong Province. Started trading materials with Mitsubishi Chemical (Mitsubishi Rayon).
December 2019/td> Paid maintenance contracts for drainage and pure water equipment have been concluded with 30 companies.
January 2022 Purchased all shares and treasury stock from parent company Umemura Corp and became independent.

Supporting customers with wastewater treatment in Thailand! !