representative Kenji Horiuchi, President
location Amata City Industrial Park
overview The head office is in Fukuroi City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
Founded in Osaka in 1964, manufactures , sells, researches, and develops natural seasonings and health-conscious foods . Aiming for the maximum health of the maximum number, we manufacture safe and secure products.
2011 Thai Nikken Foods Co., Ltd. Established

1.Why did you choose UIMasters??

When we were planning to build our new factory, we found UMEMURA.Co,.Ltd on the web and started talking. When we started talking about wastewater, we were introduced to UIMasters, a 100% subsidiary of UMEMURA.Co.,Ltd that specializes in wastewater treatment. When we actually had a meeting, we felt the UIMasters staff’s knowledge of drainage and their enthusiasm, which led to the contract.

2. Please tell us about the wastewater treatment equipment that you have installed.

In order to clear the wastewater standards of the industrial park, in addition to the UISYSTEM (120t/day of wastewater), we have introduced a bio-wastewater treatment system in consideration of the environment.

3. Please tell us about the pure water system (RO system) that you installed.

Since “water” is a very important raw material in our seasoning manufacturing, we have introduced a pure water system (RO system). There are three types of water: “filtered water” that is normally used for toilets and watering, “soft water” that is used for equipment such as boilers, and “pure water (RO)” that is used in laboratories and actual product manufacturing. I’m using.

4. Please tell us your impressions after actually introducing it

The factory has just been built and is not yet in full-scale operation, but the machines are easy to use, and if there is any problem, the technicians will come to the factory immediately, which is very helpful.

5. Please let us know if there are any needs that arise after installation

When the system actually starts to operate, the concentration of the discharged raw water is high, and it is necessary to repeat the treatment several times. It would be helpful if wastewater that does not meet the standard value is automatically returned to the wastewater tank. For wastewater with a high concentration of COD, we plan to install a sensor in the final discharge tank, automatically open and close the valve, and build a system that returns the wastewater to the raw water tank while consulting with Nikken. In addition, in the future, we plan to purchase a simple COD test kit and request a water quality test from a testing agency once a month.

6. Do you have any final words?

I think that both natural seasonings and wastewater treatment are niche industries that are generally not well known. At present, we are in that position, but I would like to build a relationship where we can work hard together and raise the profile of both companies.

Mr. Horiuchi, thank you for your candid opinion.