In order to use drainage facilities effectively, it is essential to

I have a grasp of the flow rate. At our company, when designing a drainage system, we ask our customers

We will ask you about the amount of water discharged per hour and the amount of water discharged per day.

There are few cases where the customer independently measures and understands the flow rate.

After installation, the flow rate exceeded the expected flow rate, so we hurriedly added storage tanks and expanded facilities.

There are many customers who will be. In order to avoid such troubles, we

For both new and existing customers, Keyence’s clamp-on type flowmeter

We have started using it. Just clip it to 1.5 inch or 2 inch piping

The flow rate can be measured immediately from the day of installation. Rated flow (maximum flow) is 1.5 inches

Since it is 400L/min or 24M3/Hr, we think that it is applicable to most customers.


Customers planning to install drainage equipment


Customers who have problems with insufficient capacity in existing drainage facilities


Please consider.



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Actual labor and material costs will be billed only when changes to piping are required.