I. In the following factories, the supervisor and equipment manager shall be responsible for the pollution control system.
(Requirements for supervisors and equipment managers are specified in the next item.)

1. Factories that discharge more than 60m3 of wastewater per hour (excluding cooling water),
or factories that discharge more than 100kg of wastewater containing a large amount of BOD per day.
2. Factories that discharge 50㎥ of wastewater per day from processes that handle heavy metals,
or that contain the following amounts of heavy metals in their wastewater.
・Zinc 250,000mg/day or more
・Chromium 25,000mg/day or more
・Arsenic 12,500mg/day or more
・Copper 50,000mg/day or more
・Mercury 250mg/day or more ・ Cadmium 1,500mg
/day or more
mg/day or more・ Selenium
1,000mg/day or more
・Lead 10,000mg/day or more・ Manganese
250,000mg/day or more If the substance is used in a production process and produces more than 100 tons per day (2) If a smelter producing more than 5 tons per batch is used 4. As a by-product of petroleum refining in the manufacturing process Factories producing more than 100 tons of petrochemical products per day from the materials obtained. 5. Factories of any size involved in the production of natural gas. 6. Sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide, hydrogen chloride, Hypochlorous acid

A factory that uses sodium chloride, which is used as a material in the sodium manufacturing process,
to produce more than 100 tons of chlor-alkali per day.
7. Factories that manufacture cement
8. Factories that smelt precious metals or manufacture 50 tons or more of metals per day 9.
Pulp and paper factories that produce 50 tons or more per day
10. Crude oil refining plants

II. Supervisors and equipment managers who are responsible for the contamination control system must meet the following requirements.

1. The supervisor must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, chemistry or related fields and
be licensed by the Department of Factory Affairs of Thailand. In the case of an engineering consulting company, it must be operated
by a person who has the above qualifications . 2. Equipment administrators must have secondary education, but are not as qualified as supervisors. 3. Supervisors and equipment managers must be registered with the Department of Factory and follow all rules and procedures promulgated by the Department of Factory .

Ⅲ. Item I factories shall prepare and submit to the Department of Factory a toxicology test report every three months in accordance with the standards of the Department of Factory. Testing must be done in government laboratories or private laboratories licensed by the Department of Industries.

Issued in 1982 by the Thai Ministry of Industry
[Reference URL] http://www.pcd.go.th/info_serv/en_reg_std_water04.html#s10