What is an oil adsorption system?

Process : Uses Mitsubishi Chemical (former Mitsubishi Rayon) filter media to absorb oil.
Filtration tower (made of SS), pipes, and pumps are all Thai local products Filter

media name : Diafellow DM-KT (See attached MSDS for details)
Target oil : Dispersed oil, emulsified oil, and some dissolved
oils Industry : Car wash, domestic wastewater, food factory (vegetable oil)
Target oil content : 10 mg/L to 30 mg/L (20 mg/L or more may require pretreatment)
Target flow rate : 1M3/Hr to 10M3/ Hr
    (The above capacity is the capacity of a single filtration tower)
    (If the above flow rate is exceeded, parallel filtration towers can be used) Delivery time :
45 to 60 days Yakult Thailand Mitsubishi Electric Consumer Products Yamato Eslon and 10 other locations

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(Installation example)
Customer name : Thai Cosmos Foods (Chiang Rai Prefecture)
Industry : Food processing industry (using palm oil)
Processing capacity : 8M3 per hour
Processing method : Activated carbon filtration + Oil adsorption with Diafellow DM-KT
Reference price : 2.5 MTB


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