Raw water can be temporarily stopped by batch processing,

The flocculation tank and sedimentation tank can now be integrated for processing.

As a result, it saves space compared to other companies’ products.

The general wastewater treatment process of leading Japanese manufacturers is

Pump ( 2 units) ⇒ Mixer ( 3 units) ⇒ Sludge collector ( 2 units)

⇒Extraction pump ( 1 unit) ⇒Conveyance⇒Cyclone separator ( 1 unit)

As such, expensive and diverse equipment is required.

They use a lot of electricity and are expensive to run.

With such a large sedimentation tank and treatment method,

If the amount of wastewater is large, it will take time for the wastewater to condense and settle.

For those who want to actually see the equipment, our company conducts factory tours from time to time.
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