On June 30, 2023, we have completed the installation of a comprehensive treatment type septic tank in Rayong Province.

In recent years, there have been an increasing number of cases where industrial estates have imposed penalties or orders for improvement even for household wastewater other than factory wastewater, which exceeds the industrial park standards.

A septic tank works only when the microorganisms (bacteria) present in the tank are of an appropriate size and work in an appropriate environment such as aeration. can be disassembled to reduce the COD, Oil & Grease values ​​and keep the values ​​within the industrial park standards.


This installation is for the new factory, and assuming the capacity of 700 people using the toilet and canteen, we have set the total amount of waste water to be 75 tons per day. Use area is 6M (width) x 20M (length) x 4M (depth)

Next, it is a type that digs the soil and buries the FRP tank underground.


The installation of septic tanks will not only be new, but in the future, the existing old-fashioned section type septic tank will increase the number of employees by two or three times from the beginning, and we will move to the comprehensive septic tank that we propose. We believe that there will be more needs to be considered.

Septic tank excavation work

Johkasou installation completed (underground tank)

Blower and control panel

Control panel (main)

Control panel (for treatment tank)

dosing pump