Waste Water Treatment(U.I.SYSTEM)

After years of our technical innovation, U.I. SYSTEM has achieved to downsize the coagulation settling tank. This helped lower the manufacturing cost and shortened the delivery time compared to the original one.

BIO waste water treatment

This system is most suitable for the treatment of the types water which contain high BOD or COD value, such as waste water caused by food production. However, generally, a big size tank is required in this kind of system and it’s been one of the biggest problems. In spite of technical difficulties, we U.I masters have succeeded in reducing the tank size up to 30%, by using special BIO media and designing the size as per each customer’s requests.

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We U. I.MASTERS will be glad to make our customers various types of suggestions to you, regarding  recycling plan of waste water as well. We will deal with many types of waste water, ranging from water that contain large amount of oil to chiller water caused by an air-conditioner. The processed water can be used for garden, toilets, coating lines, etc.