Cost simulation table

A successful example of our company’s actual implementation in the 304 industrial park

Monthly industrial waste cost (A) 375 tons x @1,000 THB/ton=375,000 THB
*Industrial waste costs vary by region.
Amount of water discharged per month (B) 15ton/day x 25 days=375 tons
New wastewater treatment facility (C) 3,600,000 THB
Running cost of new drainage equipment (D) 15,000 THB/month
chemical quantity and sludge treatment quantity (industrial waste)

3,600,000 THB / (375,000 THB – 15,000 THB) = 10 months

(Equipment depreciation is now possible in less than one year.)



*Because not all industrial waste can be treated as wastewater, we always perform a preliminary check using a demonstration machine in our laboratory. (The inspection fee is free.)

*The equipment price will change if the actual amount of wastewater, heavy metals, etc. are included.

* Construction costs for installing drainage facilities are required separately.

*The electricity, tap water, and air required to operate the equipment will be supplied by the customer.

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